The TEACH INC Project

Creativity and Innovation is a big part of our WORLD today – especially younger generation. People are taking thousands of pictures, editing and sharing them by themselves with their phones. The newest music and shows are available at the same moment all around the world and all of them fits into the smallest devices. You can make your own piece of media or art and there are numerous platforms to display it.

With the fast pace of technologies developing and new ways of creation we have to address the need for new approach to embed creativity and innovation techniques into education field. These skills are necesarry to keep up with todays life and be prepared for future workforce.

Being surrounded by technology and electronics already feels like a native environment for this generation. Also according to Adobe Education survey in 2016 majority of the youth today doesn‘t feel prepared or feel only somewhat prepared to the „real world“. The same survey concluded that both students (78%) and teachers (77%) think that the most effective ways of learning are DOING/CREATING. Therefore both students and teachers wish there was more of a focus on creativity in the classroom. And all of them have the same perception that creativity will be essential to the generation Z success in the future workforce and creativity will play an integral role in solving many of the challenges the world faces today.

TEACH INC project strengthens the training and profile of secondary teachers by devepoling a new approach how to incorporate creativity and innovation techniques into their teaching activities. It thus introduces a set of skills which allow them t odeliver high quality teaching in their subjects, and address the need for educational means, which are more relevant in up-to-date world.

Project partners will map and analyse the eco-system around the secondary school teachers and their institutions in each of the participating regions. Analysis at ground level with the teachers and representatives of the secondary education institutions will allow defining the competence framework ideal skill set for the target group with regards to embedding creativity and innovation techniques in the teaching activities. Based on the outcomes, partners will formulate concrete methodological, learning and assessment guidelines for the TEACH INC training approach. It will define the specific learning objectives for the secondary education teachers to be able to inegrate said skills in their work and transfer knowledge to students. Finally learning materials will be developed by identifying the existing ones and benchmark them against the TEACH INC approach.

The TEACH INC consortium consists of secondary schools (DOUKAS, DURAN, EPRALIMA), teacher education authorities (LEU, UC Leuven Limburg), creativity and innovation trainers (EOLAS, X-PANEL), and ICT experts (Novomatix). Their different views and perspectives are exchanged, analysed and applied in both project and own activities. The partnership covers Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus.