Intellectual Outputs

Lithuanian University of Educational sciences (LEU) is the major teacher education institution in Lithuania educating over 70% of the country’s education specialists with around 4000 students every year. The University‘s mission is education of society based on modern education philosophy and the newest scientific knowledge. The undergraduate and graduate studies are organised in 7 faculties; each faculty runs institutes or centres, dedicated to organising research on particular topic. LEU accepts Phd in 3 scientific areas: educational sciences, philology, and arts. LEU is active in implementing international study and R&D projects as well. LEU is running 15 projects under programmes Nordplus, Erasmus+, COST, FP7. One of the major national projects is establishment of Baltistic centres all over the world, dedicated to supporting teaching of Lithuanian language and culture. LEU plays an important role in education system in Lithuania. Experts of LEU prepare and assess the exam tasks for secondary schools, set requirements for teacher‘s profession, take part in developing education strategy on the state level. The Institute of Professional Competence provides teachers’ professional development training and re-qualification programmes in cooperation with LEU departments and meets the needs of a present day educational community and a wider society. LEU runs scientific students’ club “Laboratory of Ideas” – together with pupils from secondary schools they launch interdisciplinary creative incubators and arrange projects in various fields of science. Club “Professor in the classroom” is organising LEU students and lecturers delivering lessons in secondary schools. “Academy of a young educator” delivers lectures, organises camps for pupils who wish to be teachers, and provide mentoring,  “Play research laboratory” focuses on children self-regulation, on play motivation and how to involve narrative play activities into classrooms.

University Colleges Leuven-Limburg is renowned for the high quality of its teaching, research & regional development. More than 30 professional bachelor (EQF 6), and lifelong learning study programmes are offered in various discipline fields, with a focus on health care, social work, business & commerce, teacher education, science & technology. UC Leuven-Limburg’s strong commitment to research ensures state-of-art training programmes for its 15,000 students.

UC Leuven-Limburg did select five strategic priorities:

  • Success during studies and on the job market
  • Thinking and acting internationally
  • Added value to the region
  • A strong identity
  • ICT-driven organization, education and research

The research policy is practice-oriented and focused on market-driven applied research. Central to the UC Leuven-Limburg’s mission in the field of research is to develop innovative technology for companies, and to transfer new technology to the market. UC Leuven-Limburg also provides consultancy and continuing education for local industries, organisations and governments. UC Leuven-Limburg is a member of educational networks across the globe and strongly collaborates with local, regional and national policy-making bodies, resulting in a broad network of stakeholders.

UC Leuven-Limburg is and has been involved in a variety of European projects: under FP7 (e.g. OPEN GARMENTS, PATHWAY, JamToday, TRADERS), under LLP (ELENA, SPIN-OFF, EU-Drivers, E-Divide), and other EC programmes (IEE, Daphne, Interreg…). These projects provide answers to present or foreseen problems in the professional field. Therefore, a close link with the professional field is essential. The link is established through education and research: e.g., professionals involved in teaching assignments, student assignments in the work field (including internships), professionals involved in research activities.

Projects are closely related to study programmes. UC Leuven Limburg’s policy aims to maximize the interaction between research projects and education. This means that both students and teaching staff are involved in research practice. We also introduce research output in any study program wherever possible. A quarter of our staff is involved in research projects, and 80% of the researchers has teaching assignments. Information and research competences are gradually developed in every study program.

The Ministry of Education homologated EPRALIMA in 1999, as a private non-profit organization that provides vocational training at secondary level.

The school’s main objectives are:

– Contribute towards youth training by providing the appropriate skills required by qualified professionals;
– Develop mechanisms which facilitate and promote the transaction between school and the labour market;
– Provide students with solid socio-cultural, scientific and technological training.

Currently EPRALIMA offers Level II, IV and V courses in the following modalities:

  • Vocational courses at secondary level;
  • Specialized Technological or Artistic Courses;
  • Vocational courses aimed at students, which have completed the second cycle of primary education and demonstrate skills and preferences in the artistic field, which leads to the conclusion of primary education, as well as a skills certification – level II;
  • Primary or secondary night courses which include a skills certification – level II or III;
  • Training courses at night for working individuals who intend to raise their level of professional qualifications or are determined to refresh their knowledge through training and retraining;
  • Programmes to support youth integration in the labour market who graduated from elementary school or high school (regular or vocational);
  • Other professional training initiatives, as long as they contain an adequate educational dimension, namely through the sociocultural training component, and which results from the adaptation of vocational courses’ curricular plans to the characteristics, needs and potentialities of the socio-economic environment;
  • Courses of a vocational nature that allow the conclusion of primary education and grant a diploma, as well as, a skills certification – level II.

All this effort, that includes specific training activities and an important set of social intervention, education and business initiatives and projects, has found its natural counterpart within the receptivity that we have enjoyed, in finding that our actions have benefited, in an exemplary manner, in recent years, an increasing demand for Epralima’s services.

Since its founding in 1917, Doukas School has always tried to keep up with the latest trends in education. In its 2,5 acres, setting with educational and athletic facilities amongst the best in design and construction, Doukas School, a K-12 educational Institution, offers to its 1600 student body one of the finest educational and athletic programs in Greece.

During the last ten years, the school has organized Conferences on Mathematics, Pre-school Education, Educational Computing & New Technologies, General Gymnastics and Sports, such as the International Conference on the theme: “The School of the Future and the Future of the School” under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education, with keynote speakers included, such as the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, as well as representatives from Microsoft, Oracle and MIT.

Doukas School also organizes since 1997 the Web-based Panhellenic Student Competition LYSIAS ( that attracted more than 30.000 students annually. Doukas School has received many awards for the innovative practices it is implementing in the teaching process, in particular on the integration of ICT pedagogies, methods and tools in the educational process. Moreover, in 2011, Doukas School was identified as a Pathfinder School by Microsoft for its innovative educational practices and its potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation that can influence schools within Greece and around the world. In 2012, Doukas School was selected as Mentor School by Microsoft, for the year 2012-2013. Lastly, Doukas School became Microsoft Case Study in 2012, for the implementation of 1:1 Computing in classroom.

Doukas School participates in several EU and National R&D projects ( and coordinates extensive European Networks ( under programmes such us Lifelong Learning Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe, EPEAEK, PAVE, LINGUA. The 1st “Classroom of the Future” in Greece was created in 2007, where all students from Grade 4 use a portable “e-schoolbag” (Tablet PC), containing all educational material and are connected wirelessly to the “e”- blackboard of their classroom and the Internet. Currently, more than 1300 students at Doukas School, between grades 4 to 9 (ages: 9-14), use their Tablet PCs to have constant and immediate access to their educational content and the entire digital world. Moreover, the continuous access to the tools for writing, researching online, organising work and creating presentations aim at providing students with all the necessary skills for individualised and life-long learning in the 21st century.

In the context of research projects, Doukas School teachers and experts cooperate in order to express the user-needs of the school pupils or school educators. They also provide valuable feedback for the design of educational software/applications etc (such as games). During the testing and validation stage, students and teachers in Doukas School evaluate the demonstrator, in order to provide feedback form the actual side of the actual end-user. Finally, the school participates actively in dissemination activities.

Our key areas of interest are: Classroom/School of the Future, e-Pedagogy and Educational Design in Technology-Enhanced Learning, 21st Century Skills, Technology-Enhanced Learning with special emphasis on e-portfolios, Technology-Enhanced Learning through Mobile and Wireless Devices, Digital Games, Web 2.0 for Learning Doukas School, is the first educational establishment in Greece that has been awarded in 2012 the award “Recognised for Excellence” 4 stars of the European Foundation for Quality Management (E.F.Q.M.).

IES Miguel Duran is a public education center, which provides training, labour market insertion and orientation to young people of the area. Its mission is to be recognised for its effort in social integration with those students in need and provide an integral and inclusive training and education for all. It has a defined quality policy which is aimed at continuous improvement of the internal processes and is aligned both with high level management quality as well as a focus on the pedagogical and educational approaches. The VET cycles of business administration and electricity at intermediate level, offers recognized titles on intermediate level (“grado medio”. The centre has an e-portfolio which is a collection of proof of different learning processes of their students, and includes training, working experience, personal interests, etc. Through videos, texts and images the students share information on competences which are acquired through life-experiences.

I.E.S Miguel Durán offers mobilities for students of higher level VET (“grado superior”) through work placements abroad and has the subscribed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The ECHE is recognised for the FCT experience realised abroad, The centre will bring this experience and approach to the consortium, and will help to improve even more the existing processes for mobilities of all the partners. The centre has also participated in several COMENIUS projects, and currently runs several eTwinning projects. Additionally it participates in the SEFED programme, which is implements the simulation of enteprises into the school setting, so that students learn by simulating the creation and management of enterprises. This startegy aligns fully with the objectives of MOVIN+ where the simulation becomes a real life experience.

X-Panel Ltd is a VET, research and consulting organisation, specialising in addressing issues relating to people skills/talents, attitudes and entrepreneurial drive. Company work with research organisations, SMEs, students and starting entrepreneurs, helping them develop specific competences and skills (business planning, innovation and project management, strategic management, teamwork), products and projects.

X-panel was established in Larnaca, Cyprus, in 2006 with the vision to create a training and support organisation for the promotion of innovation. The core activities have to do with maximising the performance of PEOPLE in organisations, through the use of appropriate/innovative training and learning approaches, tools and methodologies that have been acquired from third parties (eg. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY, COACHING & MENTORING) or developed internally and in cooperation with other European organisations through the participation in European projects (including Lifelong Learning Programme) covering topics such as Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, Business Strategy and Team Performance. In the area of Vocational Education/Training, in the last years X-panel aimed to improve talent management, promote mentoring, contribute to ecotourism development, develop loyalty schemes, increase cooperation of local producers and tourism sector, etc.

X-Panel is active in European projects that provide opportunities to develop and test new curricula and learning materials, exchange knowledge, as well as offer mobility experiences. By mixing different types and modes of vocational training (e-learning, interactive workshops, traineeships abroad) and different target groups (students, young graduates, employees, entrepreneurs) company  is in continuous development of training tools and methods. The growing number of long-term local and international partnerships allows X-panel to extend  training offer and achieve desired results and impact for clients.

EOLAS S.L. provides services and support to all enterprises, organisations and entities with demands in the field of the design and management of projects. The company offers services related to the definition of strategies to obtain funding and grants (international, European, national and regional) and accompanies the whole process, from the conceptual and design phase up to  the management and closing of the project.

EOLAS provides advice, consulting and support to optimize all processes related to the design, preparation and management of projects, facilitating the participation of its clients in the different international, European, national and regional funding programmes. The service offer relates to:

– Design and implementation of strategic plans for international, European, national and regional funding;

– Identification of needs and opportunities, as well as idea generation;

– Design, preparation, presentation and management of projects;

– Advice on international, European, national and regional financing schemes and programmes;

– Establishing networks and collaboration for the participation in international, European, national and regional projects, including partner search;

– Project management training and coaching

– Innovation and exploitation management

– Business strategy development and internationalisation

– Knowledge generation, sharing and transfer, including training.

EOLAS S.L. is founded by a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in idea generation, identification of financing schemes, proposal preparation, partner search and management of international, European, national and regional projects. It combines the knowledge and experience of in the field of economics, innovation and enterprise organization with engineering, allowing the company to integrate both the technical coordination as well as the economic aspects of project management. The team members have been involved in different projects during this time, acting as project manager in close to 120 projects from a large variety of different funding programmes.

EOLAS is currently partner of the CORRIE, SOFE, EDU-CODE nEBULA and IN2IN projects (Erasmus+ KA2), MOVIN (Erasmus+ KA1) and external project manager for MARLO (LDV TOI), L´AQUA (DG Enterprise); RSRC, EFF TOURISM and SPROUT (Erasmus+). It has been for partner and project managemer for ee-Wise project (FP7); external project manager of ENTANGLE (Life Long Learning) and quality manager for ENTANGLE; K-START; SEE-GREEN and FORWARD (Life Long Learning), and is providing management and dissemination support as subcontractor in ECOTOUR (Life Long Learning); SMARTSPACES (CIP ICT-PSP) and CULTWAYS (EMMIA DG Enterprise).

Novomatix is a web/mobile design and software development start-up company specialized in e-government 2.0 applications and innovative civic engagement solutions. Novomatix was founded in November 2013 by a team of young and talented scientists who brought their knowledge and experience from abroad to Greece. By combining technological knowledge, creative thinking and deep understanding of the realities that modern governmental bodies and citizens face, Novomatix developed the Novoville platform ( Novoville is a civic engagement and incident management platform that uses smartphone applications for citizens and a web interface for public authorities to deliver effective and collaborative management of civic issues in the complicated urban environments.

By integrating sophisticated data algorithms and statistical analysis tools, Novoville provides local authorities with insights and metrics that determine resource allocations and policy actions for improved efficiency, planning and transparency.

Novoville was introduced to the market in July 2014 and after a year it is already fully integrated in 13 cities in Greece and in one pilot installation in a city in Switzerland.

Furthermore, Novomatix has developed three more own products:

1. Yellow Card e-platform: a complete, interoperable, scalable and cloud hosted e-platform for reporting & managing suspectedproblems, incidents or side/adverse effects to medicines;

2. Novomotorway: a platform consisting of mobile apps for drivers and cloud based administrative tool for motorway personnelthat allows real time incident reporting and management, easy flow of traffic information , weather conditions etc. Also, novomotorway can manage NFC payments with the use of iBeacon technology installed in toll stations;

3. Aroundo: An iBeacon interaction and content management platform that helps companies and organizations to easily managelocation based content, gamification and marketing activities through smartphones.